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We are excited to bring you this weekend's menu... and the introduction of hot chocolates at Truly Cornish! 

Now we are officially into October  it is time for allll the hot drinks and cupcakes (if you ever needed an excuse ). Made with real chocolate, our hot chocs are silky smooth and absolutely delicious

Don't miss this week's newbies either! We have banoffee cupcakes and some delicious gluten free carrot cake 

Preorder by messaging on our socials or popping us an email to, or of course pop in and choose for yourself Saturday 9am - 3pm and Sunday 11am - 3pm 

CUPCAKES 🧁 Vanilla Unicorn Chocolate Orange Snickers Triple Chocolate Brownie Banoffee Lemon Meringue Milkybar Salted Caramel (GF)

BAKES  Red Velvet Brownie Kinder Bueno brownie White Choc & Raspberry Blondie Cadbury Caramel Tiffin Carrot Cake (GF)

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