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Exciting business opportunity

Truly Cornish full job description

Anticipated start date ASAP

Hello and thank you for taking the time to find out more about our exciting opportunity.

Truly Cornish is a small yet thriving business based in the fishing town of Porthleven. It was launched by me (Bethany) in 2017 as a work from home part time business, quickly growing into its own premises which was opened in July 2020. Since the premises opened last year, it operated as both a takeaway cake shop and a sit down cafe. We have also expanded the business to a takeaway market stall in the new Porthleven Shipyard Market, currently operating from Wednesday to Sunday.

I am expecting a baby next year, and am looking for someone to replace me in the business as both the main baker and operator. This is an extremely exciting opportunity for somebody with a passion for baking. Perhaps you have your own small baking business or are just a keen baker who has always wanted to live their dream of running their own business. This isn't just a maternity leave position, it's a chance to work alongside us to build the brand and the business moving forward.

I do not expect the person coming in to just replicate my role and recipes and feel they cannot run the business as they would want. This is a role for somebody to take the reins on the business and bring their own passion and experience to it. While Truly Cornish will remain the brand, it does not necessarily need to stay rigid to what it has been in the past.

The individual who comes in will have the benefit of working alongside the current team which includes myself (who will stay on top of the accounts and general business admin), my partner Kenny who has been there since day 1 creating all the graphics and branding for the business and bringing his business skills to the table, and currently one member of staff that works behind the counter. Please note you will not be thrown in at the deep end - while knowledge or want of running a business is helpful, there is support available for you.

Essential key responsibilities

  • Baking products to sell in our shop and/or market stall

  • Cleaning and maintaining an excellent standard of health and hygiene in the bakery

  • A confident friendly individual who will thrive on being the face of the business

  • Coming up with new ideas and recipes to drive the business forward and keep customers visiting us

  • Ordering stock and ensuring stock levels are maintained and kept up to date

  • Monitoring and replying to email and social media enquiries

  • Ensuring day to day operations of the cafe and/or market are kept on top of

  • Making decisions on behalf of the business

Essential skills

  • Experience in baking

  • Organised and able to keep on top of all the daily responsibilities

  • Hard working and passionate about driving the business forward

Desirable skills

  • A passion and love for baking

  • Experience in running a business

  • Good knowledge of social media and the importance of it in business maintenance and growth

  • Confident character

  • Taking photos and videos for social media to ensure our content is always seen and kept fresh and exciting

Current Trading Operations:

Sit down cafe

Our bakery doubles up as a sit down cafe with seating for around eight people inside and four outside. People can takeaway and sit in at the cafe. The cafe has not been open since we opened our market stall at Porthleven Shipyard Market in July, however the option to open it back up is there.

Porthleven Shipyard Market Stall

Our takeaway stall at the Porthleven Shipyard Market has been open since July and will run until December this year. It reopens in February 2022 next year. There is no contract signed for next year at this stage, so whether or not it will reopen for Truly Cornish is still to be discussed with the person who takes over the business.

Bespoke Work

Our website and social media pages generate multiple enquiries per week for bespoke work. The business currently offers bespoke cupcake boxes and bespoke cakes which are priced on a case by case basis. Bespoke work includes birthdays, weddings, christenings and much more.


We have previously traded at various events such as the Porthleven Food Festival, Truro Food Festival, St Ives Food Festival and the Royal Cornwall Show. While we have not done any events since covid and the opening of the shop, the possibility of going to events with the business is definitely there.


Our website gets a good amount of traffic and we have operated online postal of traybakes for the last few years. There could definitely be improvement made to the online side of the business to generate more revenue.

How to apply

With regards to the role, there will be many different people that will apply that have varying levels of experience, so there is no set ‘wage’ at this stage until we begin with the interviewing process. If you think that you may be suitable for this opportunity, please email simply saying why you feel you would be suited to this role, with any supporting evidence you may wish to add. You are welcome to email or call 07837 848643 if you have any questions before applying.

Please note you do not necessarily need to tick every single box above. I appreciate that each candidate will bring their own experience and knowledge to the role in their own way, so do not hesitate to apply if there is something you are not 100% confident with as some things can be overcome.

Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you.

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