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  • Can you set up a display at our venue?
    If we are delivering to a venue on the day of the wedding or event we can usually set up the display if you would like us to.
  • Where is collection and do you deliver?
    Collection is from Porthleven, Cornwall. Delivery depends on location and the size of the order, and our availability. If you cannot collect from Porthleven please make us aware and we can advise you on whether we can help.
  • What is your minimum quantity for an order?
    Typically our cupcake boxes serve 12 as a minimum order, and our traybakes serve 12 slices per tray. Our smallest cake serves 10-12 slices. To discuss specific quantities and for quantities less than 12, please get in touch with us.
  • Do you offer stand hire?
    We have some stands available to hire for a deposit of £50. Upon safe return of the stand this money will be refunded back to you.
  • Do you have gluten free/vegan options?
    We are able to offer gluten free cakes, but please note some flavours may not allow this. We do not specialise in vegan baking but do have a vanilla vegan cupcake option.
  • Can I have fresh fruit/cream on my cakes?
    We are able to put fresh fruit on cakes, however this will have to be done on the day they are being consumed. You may wish to add fresh fruit yourself if they are not being consumed on the day of collection. We do not use fresh cream on our cakes, only buttercream.
  • What allergens does my product contain?
    All our products usually contain dairy and gluten, unless specified otherwise. While some products are not specifically made with nuts and gluten, we cannot guarantee there will be no traces as all our products are made on the same site. Please check with us about any allergens before you place your order.
  • What flavours can you do?
    Our usual flavours are vanilla, vanilla and jam, lemon, chocolate, white chocolate and raspberry, cherry bakewell, biscoff and salt caramel. More flavours are available though we cannot guarantee to accommodate every request.
  • How much are your cakes?
    It is impossible to put an exact price on our offering as each one varies so much and depends on the amount you would like to order and the level of work involved. Typically a box of 12 bespoke cupcakes costs around £40, a serves 12 traybake around £30 and a small bespoke cake £47.
  • Can you work with budgets?
    If you have a budget you are working with we can advise you what we are able to do that may suit you - some orders can be made more cost effective if we know that you are working with a budget.
  • Do you do multiple tiered cakes?
    We only bake single tier cakes and do not offer a tiered option. Our cakes can be made with multiple layers, but not stacked one on top of the other.
  • How long will my product last for?
    We recommend eating your order on the day of collection or delivery. Each product's shelf life will vary but typically cupcakes and cakes will last up to 4 days and traybakes up to 5 days.
  • Do I need to keep my cakes in the fridge?
    Our bakes do not need to be refrigerated unless we advise otherwise.
  • How do I personalise my order?
    Our bespoke service requires you to contact us to discuss your requirements. We can customise colours, work with lots of different themes and we work with you to create what you had in mind. You don’t have to know exactly what you would like in order for us to help you either, as we can guide you through the process and suggest potential options.  Please get in touch on the contact us page for further info.
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